Choosing the right Receipt printer for your business

receipt printers
Receipt printers

Buying a receipt printer is not an easy task, especially when you have hundreds of options available in the market. This article will help you explain different kinds of printers and which printer is best suited for your business.

There are mainly 3 types of printers: –

Thermal Receipt Printers
In today’s fast pacing world, investing in thermal printers can prove profitable for your business. They have in fact; become the most popular choice of receipt printers because they are reliable and easy to use. Unlike other printers, thermal printers do not use ink or ribbons for printing. Instead, the technology relies on printing paper that is chemically treated and sensitive to heat. The printer uses heat for printing receipts. They are even considered as the fastest type of printers and making them an excellent choice for supermarkets or high retail businesses.

Impact printers
Impact / Dot Matrix Receipt Printers are the ones that use ink and ribbon for printing. The ink capsules embedded on the ribbon burst when there is an impact, thereby printing the receipt. Impact printers are generally used in banking sectors because the prints made by impact printers do not fade away easily like thermal printers. However, they are noisier as well as slower than thermal printers. Hence, they are best where you don’t have huge customer turnover daily at your store.

Inkjet printers
Inkjet printers are known to be the successor of impact printers because the technology used is the same; however, they offer super quality printing. These printers make use of ink cartridges and offer black and coloured printing. It is excellent for an industry that makes use of different colours for business reasons. Industries like advertising or marketing are the most benefited from these printers. The only problem with these printers is that their ink cartridges tend to dry quite easily. So, if you are not printing on daily basis, then it can be an expensive investment for your business.

Therefore, it completely depends on what kind of business you are in and a number of printing jobs you need to carry out in a day. so, according to your need choose a Epson receipt printer for your retail work.


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