Steps on how to use a cash drawer machine

Vpos ec410 cash drawer
cash drawer machine

A cash register/drawer is an electronic device which can be easily seen in almost every retail store. The purpose of this machine is to record the sale and calculate the price of all the products which a customer has to pay. The cash drawer is attached to it, which is used to store the money. The money is stored in an organized manner which makes the transaction faster. There are varieties of cash drawer for different types of businesses.




Here are few steps on how to use a cash register machine that you can use to teach your staff.

• Firstly, connect the machine to a screen and to a power socket. Start the machine and wait for it to boot.
• Now, configure all your cash drawers machine by adding all the information if the products and their prices.
• When you have completed the setup procedure, you will see 0.00 digit on your screen. This screen denotes the amount which is payable by the customer. Also set the date and time on your system correctly because it will be printed on the receipt.
• You are ready for your first transaction, scan a product and all the information will be displayed on the screen. You might have to write the barcode number manually, sometimes the scanner fails to read the barcode properly.
• When all the products are scanned, the final amount will be displayed on the screen.
• Select the mode of transaction and accept payment.
• As you receive the payment, a serial/USB cash drawer will open. Put the money in the drawer and return the change back to the customer.
• A small receipt will be printed which contains all the information of a transaction. It also acts as a proof of transaction.
You can also connect a barcode scanner to your cash register machine which makes the job of the operator much easier. Now, the only thing he has to do is to scan the product and the information will be displayed which makes the checkout process faster.
Now, you know how to operate a Cash Drawer machine properly. Next step is to select a suitable cash drawer for your business.


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