Latest VPOS cash drawers for your business

Aussie Point of Sale

Vpos ec410 cash drawer VPOS EC 410 Cash drawer

The cash drawer is an electronic device. It has a vast application in the environment of Point of Sale system. Whatever transaction is done is recorded electronically on the computer system. POS system and cash drawers help in the calculation done by the cash register. The cash drawers are used to keep the cash. A cash drawer provides printed receipt for record keeping purpose as it is attached to a printer. Whenever a transaction is completed its receipt is printed and given to the customer. It keeps the record of all the transactions done.

The cash drawer is generally in the form of a box which has many partitions. Generally, a cash register is mounted over the cash drawer. The different compartment of the cash drawer is required for storing different denominations of notes and coins.

The cash drawer is a major component of every…

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